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A nationwide network of non-membership RV parks and campgrounds

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As a Member of The Ultimate Camping Network you have access to the StarLite Camping Network (SLN), which is a nationwide network of non-membership RV parks and campgrounds.  StarLite Camping Network (SLN) has been designed to supplement your membership by offering additional facilities along major traveling routes and throughout many destination areas.  Enjoy the convenience of toll-free calling for reservations through our central reservations system when you use the StarLite Camping Network (SLN).

Your camping network represents a significant value when compared to other programs which offer nominal discounts off published rates. As an StarLite Camping Member you pay a discounted nightly fee. The nightly fee includes water and electric utilities.  Additional fees for cable, sewer hookup, and park amenities may apply. All members, including Adult Family Members, have access to the StarLite Camping Network (SLN).  Usage of the SLN by Adult Family Members is not subject to any Ultimate Camping Network limitation.

•    Discounted camping with up to 50% off published rates.

•    Convenience of toll-free calls to make reservations.

•    Security of confirmed campsites.

•    Non-membership RV parks and campgrounds.

•    Emphasis on destination areas and major travel routes.

Code of Conduct at all Ultimate Affiliated Resorts and Campgrounds

•    Members agree to comply with the policies and procedures established by The Ultimate Camping Network and StarLite Camping Network for the management of the system.

•   Members agree to adhere to the individual rules, regulations, and guidelines established by Affiliate Resorts and Campgrounds.

•    Members are responsible for any damage at Affiliate Resorts or Campgrounds caused by them or their guest(s).

•     Failure to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies of The Ultimate Camping Network or the individual Affiliate Resorts or StarLite Camping Network may be cause for suspension or termination of your Ultimate privileges.

•    If, at any time, you experience what you consider “difficulty” with an Affiliate Resort or Campground, we ask that you immediately contact The Ultimate Camping Network at 1–866–641–0807.